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Children's Dental Team in North Carolina

The entire Triad Kids Dental team is passionate about ensuring your child has a great trip to the dentist. Everyone from the doctors to the administrative team works hard to make sure you and your child leave with a great big smile.

Nothing would make our entire team happier than to show you why our patients voted us YES Weekly’s Best Kids Dentist for the last four years in a row!

KaSheena Hollis, DMD Photo

KaSheena Hollis, DMD

Chester Hsu, DDS Photo

Chester Hsu, DDS

Rolandas Lamarc Hill, DDS Photo

Rolandas Lamarc Hill, DDS

Amina Garba, DMD Photo

Amina Garba, DMD

Shima Ghattan, DMD Photo

Shima Ghattan, DMD

Jo-Ann Michele Trolano Gonzalez, DMD Photo

Jo-Ann Michele Trolano Gonzalez, DMD

Chesley Orr, DMD Photo

Chesley Orr, DMD

Sommayah Sayed, DMD Photo

Sommayah Sayed, DMD

Bria Greene, DDS Photo

Bria Greene, DDS

Timothy Pickett, DDS Photo

Timothy Pickett, DDS

Donna Alexander, DDS Photo

Donna Alexander, DDS

Hannah Austin, DMD Photo

Hannah Austin, DMD

Patricia Gordon-Willis, DMD Photo

Patricia Gordon-Willis, DMD

Kelly Nguyen, DMD Photo

Kelly Nguyen, DMD

Kristy Nguyen, DDS Photo

Kristy Nguyen, DDS

Zac Kemlein, DMD Photo

Zac Kemlein, DMD

Hamza Ahmed, DMD Photo

Hamza Ahmed, DMD

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